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Cockpit to cabin interiors. Communication to connectivity

At Rockwell Collins, we’re investing in the future with new ideas, new technologies and new capabilities – all to unleash the exciting potential of our rapidly changing world. Working together with our customers, we’re leading commercial aviation, business aviation and defense into the future.

With our recent acquisition of B/E Aerospace, we now offer solutions that span the entire aircraft, from cockpit to cabin interiors, communication to connectivity.

See the future: Cockpit

Your mission’s success depends on getting the information you need, when and how you need it. We provide smart, new ways to deliver that information faster and more easily, all with the rock-solid reliability you know and expect from Rockwell Collins.

Next-generation avionics provide enhanced levels of safety and operational efficiency. Head-up displays with synthetic vision enable eyes-forward flying from takeoff to landing. Secure, reliable voice and data systems keep you connected around the globe. And advanced radar systems give you a clear view of the weather ahead. We're also helping touch screen technology, voice recognition and a whole host of new human machine interfaces make their way into the flight deck. All focused on providing you the right information, at the right time.

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See the future: Cabin interiors

When it comes to cabin interiors, enhancing the passenger experience while improving efficiency can make a world of difference – and we’re dedicated to leading the industry in both while constantly striving to establish a new standard.

Today, we’re the largest global manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products for commercial airliners and business aircraft. Our broad range of offerings include aircraft cabin seating, lighting and engineering solutions, oxygen systems, food and beverage preparation and storage equipment, galley systems, water and waste systems, and advanced lavatory systems.

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See the future: Communication

Whether in a battlespace or a global airspace, keeping warfighters in constant communication essential to mission success. Our reliable and secure communications systems for airborne and ground military forces and civil agencies allow them to share critical information that enables them to successfully complete their missions.

For battlefield communication, targeting or navigation, customers rely on our innovations in tactical data links, software-defined radios and advanced anti-jamming solutions.

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See the future: Connectivity

Innovations in flight deck, cabin, airport and communication technologies - along with more powerful and flexible worldwide air and ground networks - are driving the rise of aviation’s information age. Aviation information management is the science and art of seamlessly and securely bringing that global aviation ecosphere to life, leading to unprecedented efficiency, safety and convenience for passengers, pilots and aircrews.

Through information management, our customers can:

  • Ensure a secure, reliable and resilient flow of data – at the right time, every time – to enable better-informed decisions for pilots, airlines, dispatchers, planners and air traffic management
  • Leverage new generations of information-enabled avionics to provide enlightening insights for managing a single aircraft or an entire fleet, from fuel efficiencies to predictive maintenance
  • Streamline and transform the entire passenger experience, engaging them at home, in the airport, in the cabin and upon arrival – all while enhancing security and efficiency

Rockwell Collins is helping keep the industry safe, connected and informed, turning data into insight with next-generation communications and applications.

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