Harnessing the power of aviation's information age

What is Aviation Information Management?

Innovations in flight deck, cabin, airport and communication technologies—along with more powerful and flexible worldwide air and ground networks—are driving the rise of aviation’s information age today. Aviation information management is the science and art of seamlessly and securely bringing that global interconnected airspace to life, leading to unprecedented efficiency, safety and convenience across the entire aviation ecosphere. Through information management, the industry can:

  • Ensure a secure, reliable and resilient flow of data – at the right time, every time – to enable better-informed decisions for pilots, airlines, dispatchers, planners and air traffic management
  • Leverage new generations of information-enabled avionics to provide enlightening insights for managing a single aircraft or an entire fleet
  • Streamline and transform the entire passenger experience, engaging them at home, in the airport, in the cabin and upon arrival – all while enhancing security and efficiency

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