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To our valued pilots and directors of flight operations,

On Dec. 6, 2018, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) posted an Airworthiness Directive (AD) notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for Pro Line 4 and 21-equipped operators equipped with FMS 3.3X through 4.X to address an issue that can occur when a “Climb To” altitude has been edited either manually or by using the Temperature Compensation (Temp Comp) feature. Collins Aerospace (Rockwell Collins) issued an Operators Service Bulletin (OPSB) 0166-17R5 about this FMS issue on July 25, 2018.

The NPRM is the official document that announces and explains the FAA’s plan to address a problem or accomplish a goal. All proposed rules must be published in the Federal Register to notify the public and to give them an opportunity to submit comments. The proposed rule and the public comments received on it form the basis of the final rule.  The NPRM is available here and will be open for public comment until Jan. 22, 2019. Collins Aerospace is drafting its own comments and will post prior to the deadline.

Since our initial notification regarding the Temp Comp issue, we have continued to work closely with the FAA exploring ways to retain the approximately 10,000 affected navigation procedures while minimizing the impact to operations and keeping you safe.

Moving forward, all previously re-instated procedures related to the Temp Comp issue will remain in place and operators will not be required to upgrade their FMS software. However, operators will need to continue to perform the FMS Temp Comp calculations manually, when necessary. To prevent the issue, operators must refrain from manually editing “Climb To” altitude on both departures and missed approaches.

Two Service Information Letters and an OPSB were previously released to provide information addressing these actions. These documents are currently available through the Collins Technical Publications website located here.

  • SIL CSU-XX00-18-1 [PN 523-0825521] addresses the process to deactivate the FMS Temp Comp function.
  • SIL FMC-XX00-18-1 [PN 523-0825523] addresses the process to update respective AFMs.
  • Operator Bulletin 0166-17R5 (OPSB PN 523-0824828) reflect most current information

Beyond commenting on the AD NPRM, if desired, no action is required at this time. We will continue to provide you with updates as we move forward.

If you have any comments or questions about this issue, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have further questions or your operation utilizes the FMS Temp Comp feature, please email customerservices@rockwellcollins.comor call us at 1-319-295-5000.

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To request access to download the EFB drivers for the Airbus A320/A350 aircraft, send an email to software@rockwellcollins.com. In the email, please include your email address, company name, aircraft type and serial number. You will receive a document with download instructions and the username and password for your account.

Navigation database notifications

Available as a download from our worldwide FMS database services site, the updates are conveniently available prior to effective date, allowing you flexibility for data loading.


Navigation databases are compiled from official State sources by Jeppesen and Lufthansa Systems and supplied to Collins Flight Database Services Team for the purpose of packaging a database compatible with Collins Avionics. The navigation database is comprised of many general aviation procedures as well as many restricted or special procedures that require specific training and/or authorization to utilize. The end-user is reminded that according to RTCA/DO-200A dated September 28, 1998, section 1.4; “The ultimate responsibility of ensuring that data meets the quality for its intended application rests with the end-user of that data.”

Each cycle, every effort is made to ensure the data passed on to our customers is of the highest quality, containing the most up to date, complete and reliable information available. However, it is the end-user’s responsibility to; pre-flight their navigation database, reference appropriate NOTAMS and Flight Alerts including those from Jeppesen, Lufthansa, the FAA, Collins and other state aviation authorities and any other applicable publications pertaining to the users flight operations from the appropriate websites or publications.

The end user has the ultimate responsibility to ensure data requirements are met and to verify the navigation data loaded in their FMS is current and valid for the intended operation. If an error, omission or inconsistency is discovered, the end user should notify Collins so that the issue can be investigated and/or forwarded to the appropriate navigation data supplier. The correction of data content issues cannot typically be resolved until the following AIRAC cycle.

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