Hawker 750/900XP

Our FMS-6000 flight management system supports aircraft performance management from takeoff to touchdown. The AMLCD control display units provide pilot control of the FMS and CNS sensors. For reversionary purposes, the CDU provides an independent backup display of engine data; including N1, ITT, N2, fuel flow, oil pressure, oil temperature and fuel quantity.

The Pro Line 21 system also includes an advanced flight control system with a fail-passive autopilot. An integrated maintenance and diagnostic computer (MDC) provides access to avionics and aircraft system status and fault history. The MDC also provides electronic checklists covering normal, abnormal and emergency operations.

Below lists some of the Hawker 750/950XP applicable technical publications. To view the technical publications, an account is required. Please see the technical publications section at right for details.

Hawker 750/900XP technical publicationsPart number
Hawker FMS-6000 Pilot’s Guide523-0808793
Hawker 750/900XP Systems Manual523-0808794
Pro Line 21 Avionic System for the Hawker 750523-0808793
Pro Line 21 Avionic System for the Hawker 900XP523-0808796
Hawker 750 and Hawker 900XP Avionics System523-0808795
WAAS/LPV FMS-6000 v4.0 Flight Management System for the Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP523-0809284
Non WAAS/LPV FMS-6000 v4.0 Flight Management System for the Hawker 750/800XP/850XP/900XP523-0809283

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