Customer Support Leadership

We deliver the exceptional responsiveness you need for your business aircraft or commercial fleet. Our Customer Support Engineers, global network of authorized service facilities and back-office experts are dedicated to providing you with the support to keep your aircraft flying 24/7/365.

Service First Customer Support Center provides technical assistance for Business Aviation, Commercial Transport avionics, cabin, or electro-mechanical support.

Customer Support

 Abner Yemaneab 
Laurie Carlton
Senior Director, Customer Support
tel.: +1-319-295-1504 
 Abner Yemaneab
Director, Commercial Avionics Support
tel.: +1-952-892-4845
 Monica Dunbar
Director, Business and Regional Avionics Support
tel.: +1-319-295-3104

Neil Murrin
Director, Customer Support Operations
tel.: +1-319-295-5625

Avionics Sales 


Marc Ayala
Senior Director, Military Avionics & Helicopters
tel.: +1-407-482-4635
 Jennifer Waterman
Senior Director, Commercial Avionics Sales
tel.: +1-319-295-5822

Nicole White
Senior Director, Business And Regional Avionics Sales
tel.: +1-319-295-2538



Didier Perrin
Senior Director, Commercial Sales - EuMEA
tel.: +33 561717828
 Helen Wen
Senior Director, Commercial Sales - Asia Pacific
tel.: +8661136799