Information Management Resources

GLOBALink and AviNet Customer Portal

Ready access to performance and network management views of service in a unified customer service experience. Initiate change management and help desk communications.

ARINCDirect Support

Flight support services, advanced flight planning and weather, flight following, pre-arranged fuel, international trip support, or one of our other services, such as datalink or satellite communications. Managing your flight operations easier, start to finish.

Ascend Application Hosting
ARINCDirect Application Hosting
Launch your ARINCDirect FOS® application anywhere in the world through our convenient, secure hosting service.
ARINCDirect Flight Manager

Securely monitor and interact with any trip anytime, anywhere in the world.

ARINCDirect Fuel

Manage your fuel operations more effectively, resulting in reduced operating costs.

ARINC On Service

Training support services for mission-critical security systems, rail control center capabilities, and integrated multimodal transportation control systems.

ARINC Procurement
Access and download Supplier Representations and Certifications as well as Terms & Conditions for both ARINC customers.
Avionics Content

Download navigation databases, subscribe to content and view the latest information regarding alerts, bulletins and more.

Cabin Content
Manage your account information by aircraft, administer your network profiles, personalize stock selections or other financial information, and see your Tailwind® TV programming.
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ARINC Information Management Resources

ARINC Service Desk — For technical support contact the ARINC Service Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


North America
800.633.6882 (select option 1)


*see AT&T International Dialing Guide for toll-free dialing instructions by country

+1 410.266.4063


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Data security and privacy controls

In today's global environment when so many transactions take place over the Internet, customers are looking for assurance that their business data is safe. Collins Aerospace takes these concerns very seriously and works to ensure the safety and security of our customers’ data.

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