• Real Fires Joint Fires and Effects Simulator

RealFires™ Joint Fires and Effects Simulator

The RealFires™ joint fires and effects simulator offers an integrated set of capabilities that allows joint terminal attack controllers (JTACs) to train for certification, and allows joint fires operators to rehearse missions. It provides a high-fidelity, scalable training solution, designed by JTACs for joint fires operators.

RealFires is the only joint fires simulator designed by an original equipment manufacturer of an operational joint fires system that also offers proven Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training capability.

The simulator features realistic integration of ground vehicles, field artillery, naval gunfire, aircraft, unmanned aircraft systems and LVC simulations to present holistic scenarios for trainees.

No other system can bring the realism and immersion of all these elements, and the actual original equipment manufacturer software and hardware together into one training system.

Role-player areas provide high-fidelity pilot stations and reconfigurable support roles. The system includes classrooms for pre-mission briefing and live viewing. After-action capabilities include a full set of virtual, video and audio playback capabilities to analyze and critique missions.

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Features & Benefits

Demonstrated LVC capability

Proven accreditation experience

360-degree, fully immersive dome

Supports mission rehearsal training for pilots, ALOs, JFOs and ASOCs

Allows easy connectivity to other simulator stations and live players

Incorporates a high-fidelity synthetic environment with realistic audio and visual cueing for an immersive experience that minimizes negative training

Developed by the OEM for FireStorm™ operational equipment – enables training on FireStorm and all Rosetta Joint Fires CAS/CFF capabilities 

Uses replicas of tactical radios, laser range finders and designators, night vision and IR devices, DAGR/GPS, maps and compass, and small arms

Includes UAV/targeting pod video feed simulation 

An intuitive IOS to control and manage training events

Pilot station for pilot-in-the-loop and digital close air support training

Provides during- and after-action review

On-time-zone maintenance staff to maximize operational availability


GS Customer Support
Phone 1: 800-321-2223 (U.S. only)
Phone 2: +1 319-295-5100