• Scenario of how LVC works

Live Virtual Constructive Blended Training (LVC)

Readiness without boundaries

Secure. Interoperable. Available now.

An effective and affordable integrated training solution that simulates high-fidelity battlespace situations encountered during multi-faceted mission operations. Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) training aligns with live participants, providing realistic and complex distributed battle management training to crew members.

LVC offers full-immersion simulation and training. From 5th Gen fighters, to mind-bending mixed and augmented reality, Rockwell Collins offers fast, open, secure solutions that are available now.

Rockwell Collins has developed a family of systems and products to support LVC training.


Phone 1: 319-295-2151

  • 1920 x 1080
Aircraft Solutions
MLS encryption solutions featuring Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System (CRIIS) and Joint Secure Air combat training System (JSAS) 

Ground Solutions 
CORE™ Simulation Architecture RealFires Joint Fires Effects Simulator RealFires Joint Fires Effects Simulator (Transportable) Transportable Black Hawk Ops Simulator (TBOS) 

Databases & Architectures 
CORE™ simulation architecture
WholeEarth™ global database

  • JSAS Security Certification

Features & Benefits

Train like you fight in an immersive environment featuring augmented and virtual reality

Interoperable with non-Rockwell Collins simulation systems

Connect platforms operating at different classification levels to the same network environment

DIS, HLA and other third-party distributed network compliance

Secure across different classification domains

NSA Level 1 certified encryption with four-channel Multiple Levels of Security




Phone 1: 319-295-2151