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Ground Early Warning and Control System (GEWACS)

Rockwell Collins’ Ground Early Warning and Control System (GEWACS) provides real-time, secure transfer of combat data for air defense similar to airborne assets such as E2C/Awacs. Designed to control all the Link 16 terminals and radar data in a host nation using a cloud-based management solution, GEWACS provides centralized command and control (C2) of the network. GEWACS supports up to seven C2 centers. Operators in one C2 center can be dynamically reassigned to a new sector. The GEWACS utilizes ground-based TDL infrastructure, terminal base stations, gateways and dynamic routing to effectively construct a virtual E-3 that provides Link 16 network coverage, situational awareness and command and control for your Link 16-enabled assets.

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GEWACS Features & benefits

  • GEWACS is designed to be quickly modified (without source code
    changes) to interface with legacy systems
  • Provides real-time hot backup. Operators are automatically
    switched among radar/Link 16 hardware whenever there
    is a failure.
  • Each C2 center has access to the total pool of base stations
    distributed around the country. This increases the range
    of center and adds redundancy.
  • Connectivity calculations are used to select which base stations
    are used to transmit to a fighter
  • Unlike C2 aircraft, GEWACS has better connectivity and is
    operational 24/7
  • Supports five independent Link 16 networks, which enables
    training networks to remain coordinated with the operational
    Link 16 networks
  • Nationwide system management allows for the remote
    management and reconfiguration of all the GEWACS assets
  • GEWACS has a MIL-STD-6016 compliant correlator that combines
    the radar picture with the Link 16 picture to ensure the optimal
    track data is always on the network

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GS Customer Support
Phone 1: 800-321-2223 (U.S. only)
Phone 2: +1 319-295-5100