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RealFires transportable

Joint fires operators work within a complex battlespace that requires rapid coordination and swift execution to ensure mission success. Realistic and effective training must include the operator's combat equipment -- both hardware and software -- in order to develop the instinctive responses required to control joint fires and effects.

Rockwell Collins' RealFires™ transportable trainer is a low-cost, rapidly deployable joint-fires simulator that integrates operational software such as FireStorm™ Networked Joint Fires and ATAK, for the joint-fires community. This scalable training system contains up to three cases for the trainee, the instructor and the optional role player (pilot, UAS, JFO, etc). Additional cases can be networked together to enable large team training and mission rehearsal.

Joint-fires teams now have the ability to train and rehearse using their actual targeting, call for fire, or digital close air support software and hardware.

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Features & Benefits

Complete 360-degree, 3D immersion

Various ISR video feed simulation

Industry standard interfaces

Single-person transport

HLA/DIS architecture to enable connectivity to other simulation and training devices

High-fidelity modeling of terrain, weather, ballistics and battle damage effects

Rapidly deployable – ready to train within minutes

Enables team and coalition training and mission rehearsal due to ease of networking

Integrates the users' operational equipment and software with the latest simulation and gaming technology

Enables training on operational kits including FireStorm, Networked Joint Fires, Networked Tactical Gateway, and Cursor On Target applications

Simple and intuitive scenario creation

Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC) enabled 

Hardware is non-ITAR


GS Customer Support
Phone 1: 800-321-2223 (U.S. only)
Phone 2: +1 319-295-5100