• LVC Afghan Scenario

Joint Secure Air Combat Training System (JSAS)

The latest generation of Live, Virtual, Constructive blended training for increased operational realism.
Secure. Interoperable. Available now.

The next-generation system for secure, Live, Virtual, Constructive (LVC)-capable training is here. JSAS from Rockwell Collins brings you all the combined capabilities for high-fidelity air combat training.

JSAS provides the first certified, four-level Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) training equipment for airborne and ground operations, whether tethered or autonomous. With MILS capability, your training can take advantage of secure interoperability between 5th- and 4th-Gen aircraft. The result: Significant training benefits to all your participants in a simulated, high-threat combat environment.

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Features & Benefits

Certified security

Secure instrumentation for multi-classification information exchange

  • The only air-combat training system with security certification supporting the requirements of today’s 5th-Gen fighters
  • MILS architecture capable of four simultaneous encryption channels up to Top Secret
  • MILS in both airborne and ground subsystems, for tethered or autonomous operations
  • User-configurable security policies for rapid mission reconfiguration

Unmatched operational realism 

Blends synthetic elements with live participants to realistically simulate high-threat air combat situations

  • Full-fidelity threat and weapon simulations for Department of Defense and NATO weapon types
  • Real-time kill notification and removal maximizes positive training
  • Reconfigurable in flight for effective training in less time
  • Able to securely integrate with aircraft data bus/operational flight program
  • 5x more network capacity than existing air combat training systems, in the same bandwidth – more live players and excess capacity for LVC traffic

5th-to 4th-Gen interoperability

Now you can add depth to exercises by securely enabling 5th-generation, legacy and coalition forces to train together, accurately reflecting real-world environments

  • Scalable system supports participants from the small squadron to the large force
  • Integrates with current training assets such as electronic warfare threat emitters and ground-based participants 
  • Open systems architecture allows integration of third-party applications 
  • User-controlled security rule-sets manage information sharing between participants of different security levels

Future ready

Not only is JSAS real, certified and operating on ranges today, it’s also designed to advance as your future training needs change

  • Leverages newly developed security and data-link technologies with decades of air combat training expertise 
  • Overcomes limitations in live threats and training infrastructure 
  • Provides rapid training response to emerging missions and threats 
  • Open architecture simplifies obsolescence management and future upgrades with new technologies


Phone 1: 319-295-2151