Radar Simulation Systems

Whether for airborne, weather, maritime, surveillance or ground-based scenarios, ensuring your radar operators are mission ready is essential for success. Our scalable, high-fidelity, physics-based modeling and high-resolution global databases provide trainees with the highest level of realism in the industry.

Rockwell Collins offers a comprehensive range of off-the-shelf solutions as well as fully customized configurations. That's why we’ve become a leading supplier of high-performance radar simulations for the U.S. Department of Defense and numerous commercial providers, as well as for international training applications.

To date, Rockwell Collins has simulated nearly 40 different radar types and delivered over 200 simulators with a broad range of applications, including: weather radar, radar navigation, search, intercept, air refueling and mission rehearsal, up through high-performance digital radar landmass simulations for surveillance and fire control radar applications.

Our easily customized modules can create new radar model solutions that can stand alone as radar desktop trainers. They also can embed into actual aircraft or incorporate into larger flight simulators. Other options are available as well.

Every radar simulation system from Rockwell Collins uses our WholeEarth™ database, providing you with superior terrain simulation as well as enabling correlation with visual systems.