• 1920X1080

Griffin Rear-Projected Dome

"Check your Six"

Give your fast-jet pilots a 360-degree, immersive simulation training environment with the Griffin™ rear-projected dome.

Using multiple Rockwell Collins simulation products, this integrated visual display solution provides a state-of-the-art, 360-degree display for pilots in single-seat cockpits, integrated with the latest projector and alignment technologies to deliver optimal and unmatched performance.

Griffin technologies are used in F-35 Lightning II, F-16 and the Aermacchi M-346 out-the-window display programs and are adaptable and modular to provide flexibility for any aircraft.

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The dome provides many firsts in the simulation industry.

These include:
• Enabling the majority of pilot training to take place in the simulator – with preparation so effective that the pilot’s first flight in the actual aircraft is solo
• The first rear-projected dome display with very high brightness – almost five times higher than a typical 360-degree dome
• The first “smear” reduction system without the loss of brightness
• The first flight simulator with the ability to run 25 out-the-window and seven sensor channels simultaneously

  • 1920 X 1080

Features & Benefits

Fields of view up to full field-of-regard
Blended multi-channel image
Ultra-high resolution
Superior system contrast
High luminance
Electronic edge blending
Pixel-perfect alignment
Rear-projected screen with unique coating
Patented projector technology
Compatible with Rockwell Collins auto-alignment systems
Auto-alignment system reduces setup time and maximizes system uptime
Modular fields of view up to full-dome coverage to support customer needs and budget
Integrated, head-up display channel option
Experienced installation and service team ensures customer support throughout the life of the system
Upgradeable design allows for future mid-life updates


GS Customer Support
Phone 1: 800-321-2223 (U.S. only)
Phone 2: +1 319-295-5100