FlexForce Depot Partnerships

Solutions that enable self-sustainability, with the support and expertise of Rockwell Collins as your partner

Rockwell Collins' FlexForceSM Depot Partnerships are collaborative relationships with military service depots that enhance support to the battle force, humanitarian or peace keeping mission. These partnerships can improve your core depot maintenance capabilities, facilities and technical expertise – leading to improved MRO performance.


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FlexForce Depot Partnerships

FlexForce Exchange
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Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced and ongoing access to current OEM technology and refresh capability
  • Ability for military to perform repairs to reduce pipeline
  • Local support internationally
  • Compliance with U.S. DoD Title 10
  • Increased repair throughput
  • Supports sustainment of core depot capability
  • Improves readiness and availability of weapon systems
  • Provides jobs to military

Rockwell Collins provides a three-phased approach to Military Depot Partnerships


Rockwell Collins engineers will perform an assessment to determine the effort required to establish independent I-Level or full Depot Level capability at your facility.

Depot Assessments are performed to assure depot activation requirements, including schedule and budget, are fully understood for successful execution of a Depot Activation. A Component Repair Information Package (CRIP) is provided that details your existing repair capabilities. The CRIP includes information such as the equipment to be tested, the test equipment required, technical repair manuals, training and other support resources. A site survey is performed to document any capability shortcomings at the proposed depot site.


The Activation Phase is the implementation of the Depot Assessment planning activity to transition from OEM managed repairs to an overall sustainment partnership between you and Rockwell Collins. The Activation Phase will use the data generated during the Depot Assessment to develop and deliver the equipment, training and technical data needed.


Rockwell Collins will provide ongoing support, potentially through a Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), to ensure that longer term product sustainment is maintained.

The appropriate level of repair capability will be in place following integration of all test equipment, training, and incorporation of delivered data. Following completion of this milestone, Rockwell Collins will provide expert on-call support, replacement parts, training and publication updates, obsolescence monitoring, and on-going analyses to enhance efficiency.