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NavStorm™+ GPS Receiver

A small, low power, G-hardened, SAASM-based GPS receiver with integrated five-channel anti-jam. Currently used on major weapons systems for precision guided artillery and bombs.

In today’s unpredictable battlespace, launching weapons safely and accurately is critical to mission success. NavStorm™+ is a 24-channel, dual-frequency, all-in-view receiver capable either as a stand-alone system or integrated with an Inertial Navigation System (INS). Powered by state-of-the-art technology, NavStorm+ provides enhanced, Direct-Y acquisition, built-in digital nulling for high jamming immunity (>92 dB J/S while tracking) and fast initial acquisition. NavStorm+ is the first fully qualified, integrated GPS and anti-jam system in the proven family of Rockwell Collins gun-hardened GPS receivers for weapons.

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Features & Benefits

Military encrypted GPS assured PNT (Position, Navigation & Timing) in challenged environments

Enables small weapons and artillery to host secure, military GPS - Small size 2.8"" (71.6 mm) diameter x 1.1"" (27.9 mm) maximum

Artillery/gun hardened (20,000 G shock) suitable for gun-launched artillery weapon systems

Superior jamming immunity in severe GPS-challenged environments / Integrated digital anti-jam electronics (>92 dB J/S while tracking)"  



   L1 frequency, C/A and P or Y code*
   L2 frequency, P or Y code*
   SAASM architecture
   Field-reprogrammable software

   >10 g acceleration
   Supports spinning applications

   <8 sec (conditions apply)

Time accuracy
   <±30 nanoseconds RMS

Position accuracy
   <3 m CEP*
   <2 m typical with aiding*
   Up to 25 Hz PVT solution update rate
   1 Hz pseudo range, delta range, update rate

Velocity accuracy
   <0.07 m/sec RMS typical

Crypto key
   Serial port, SKL, CYZ-10


GS Customer Support
Phone 1: 800-321-2223 (U.S. only)
Phone 2: +1 319-295-5100