CS-3240 Auto ELINT System

The CS-3240 is a precision DF system that provides both situational awareness in automatic ESM mode and intelligence collection in manual ELINT mode in dense RF environments.

Wide instantaneous bandwidth, good sensitivity, fast tuning and precision measurement provide robust radar intercept. Patented real-time ambiguity reduction algorithms provide solid DF performance. The CS-3240 processing software includes a cascade deinterleaver to recognize and track highly agile known and unknown emitters. The flexible user interface supports a range of ESM and ELINT tasks and operator skill levels.

The relational database of the CS-3240 supports integration with a host mission computer. The CS-3240 can also be used as a standalone system.

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Features & Benefits

  • Maintain real-time situational awareness with highly accurate direction finding results on “first pulse” using our monopulse solutions, even in the most demanding RF environments
  • Conduct highly effective automatic search across the 2 to 18 GHz frequency range
  • Significantly increase your probability of intercept against agile emitters with alarms and alerts
  • Collect a wide range of modern radars utilizing modern techniques at stand-off distances, with high sensitivity and dynamic range
  • Analyze and measure external and internal parameters accurately, utilizing high-resolution digital pulse processing and highly developed software applications
  • Accurately identify highly agile radars with advanced pattern matching and behavioral processing algorithms
  • Conduct detailed post-mission analysis utilizing powerful mission playback and analysis tools
  • Upgrade and increase capabilities easily with our open and flexible architecture

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GS Customer Support
Phone 1: 800-321-2223 (U.S. only)
Phone 2: +1 319-295-5100