• Radar environment

ELINT & ESM Products

Radar intercept for ESM and ELINT missions provides situational awareness and ongoing intelligence collection – critical ingredients for continuous vigilance and tactical maneuvers. However, the electromagnetic spectrum of today provides a number of challenges. Radars are becoming increasingly agile, the number of radar-enabled platforms is increasing and spectrum congestion is on the rise. All of these factors will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

Rockwell Collins continues to develop and deploy the latest technologies and products to face these challenges. Available in Rockwell Collins' integrated ELINT and ESM systems, these products are also available as components for your system solution.

Rockwell Collins' high-performance antennas, millimeter wave down converters, RF distribution units, microwave tuners, pulse analyzers and high probability of intercept (HPOI) receivers provide proven performance for your mission requirements.