SimEye SX50TII Helmet Mounted Display

The Rockwell Collins SimEye™ SX50T II is a high-performance, helmet-mounted display that simulates head-up display functions for aircraft trainers on fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Other applications: night vision simulation and flight-data dissemination to UAV pilots.

Features include high brightness, SXGA 1,280-by-1,024 resolution, monochrome green displays, projection onto see-through optics that incorporate proprietary technology to give you unparalleled performance and contrast ratio. The SX50T II attaches directly to the standard helmet NVG mount to provide superior balance and stability with ergonomically controlled adjustments.

With the SX50T II, you get a high-performance display system that incorporates our expertise in end-to-end video processing, visual human factors, ergonomics and user interfaces.



Features & Benefits

Superior look-under capability and balance: 
Optical modules attach to a new and improved, ergonomically designed mounting system for ease of use
High-performance optics
High see-through transmission
Standard RGB, SXGA, VESA video interface
High-contrast ratio of 30:1

SimEye SX50T II-Specifications

Optical Field of View: 40˚ (H) x 30˚ (V)
Overlap: 100%
Image Source Type: AMLCD monochrome SXGA+
Video Interface: DVI-I and HD15 analog video
Transmission See Through: 50% (optional 70%)
Optics: VIM™ based optical systems
Brightness: 30 fL
Eye Relief: 25 mm
Exit Pupil: 15 mm
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz