Flight2™ integrated avionics system

Access the global airspace with confidence with the Flight2™ integrated avionics system. This suite of communications, navigation and surveillance equipment seamlessly integrates new-generation avionics with legacy sensors, radios, autopilot and aircraft systems.

With its advanced displays and integrated military/civil flight management system, Flight2 delivers the most advanced capabilities available today. At the same time, it's the most cost-effective and lowest-risk CNS/ATM upgrade solution. The system is flying on over 900 fixed-wing aircraft, including the KC-135, KC-10, C-130 P-3, C-2A, E-2C and E-3.


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Rockwell Collins Flight 2 Avionics Management System

A flight of C-130 Hercules are on an airdrop re-supply mission to a remote area deep in the mountains. They're equipped with the Rockwell Collins Flight 2™ Avionics Management System with fully integrated flight and mission management capability that provides full compliance with global CNS/ATM requirements. The Flight 2™ cockpit integrates multiple communications, navigation, and mission systems.

Features & Benefits

GPS/SBAS, RNP and RNAV 0.3 capabilities, including SIDs, STARs and RNAV approaches. Meets all 2020 CNS/ATM mandates, providing access to worldwide civil airspace

Tactical navigation, remote approaches, precision airdrops and search-and-rescue patterns,  improves military operations with enhanced mission capabilities

6-by-8-inch MFD and PFD, as well as a large, digital engine instrument LCD. Enhances situational awareness, Crew Resource Management (CRM) and safety 

Flight Management System (FMS) with both civil and military Flight Management Functions (FMF), provides seamless operations between civil and military airspace

Digital autopilot, reduces obsolescence and repair-cost issues while increasing reliability and improving Mission Capability Rates (MCR)

NVG compatible displays enables tactical operations in NVIS environment


Experience you can count on

Featuring our Flight2 solution, Rockwell Collins has modified more C-130s than any other provider in the world.

CNS/ATM upgrades

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C-130 upgrades - Real solutions. Real results. Real experience.

When lives depend on your mission success, your C-130 avionics depend on: Real solutions. Real results. Real experience. Trust Rockwell Collins, the worldwide leader in CNS/ATM upgrades, for your current and future airspace access needs.

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C-130 Modernization - Lt. Gen. Rusty Findley’s Perspectives

Lt. General Rusty Findley (retired USAF) discusses the importance of C-130 modernization programs such as AMP Increment 2, key factors to program success and his perspectives on Rockwell Collins' performance.