DispatchSM Tailored Asset Management Programs

Guaranteed spares availability and performance at a predictable cost

DispatchSM commercial asset management programs provide dedicated equipment spares at airline hub and line stations and/or access to shared pools all over the world.

The programs provide performance guarantees designed to meet your specific operational requirements. OEM-direct tailored spares management programs address total life cycle support, reduce risk and up-front airline spares costs.



Features & Benefits

  • Tailorable solutions
  • Continuous reliability improvements
  • Performance guarantees backed by OEM infrastructure
  • Removes "fee-on-fee" support costs
  • Predictable cost and guaranteed performance based on your operational requirements
  • Keeps parts on wing longer
  • Globally deployed spares inventory, service locations and access to OEM technical support, backed by 24/7 AOG support
  • Reduces overall support costs through shortened supply chain

Watch: Dispatch asset management program

Rockwell Collins Dispatch is a flexible set of asset management programs that manage avionics and other aircraft components, providing customers with budget predictability and performance guarantees.