ARINC ground operations

Rockwell Collins’ range of messaging, data and security services is designed to provide solutions to airlines, handling agents and other third parties who need to reliably communicate ground operation activities. Whether it’s passenger processing, baggage management or aircraft handling, our communications solutions allow for greater control to minimize delays, reduce costs, increase security and streamline operations.

Our range of ground operations services includes:

Airport services
  • AviNet® Airport
  • Radio technology services (RTS)
ARINC messaging
  • AviNet®
  • ARINC Enterprise Messaging
Baggage management
  • BagLink      
Passenger data
  • Interactive Passenger Information (iAPI)
  • Advanced Passenger Information (API)
  • Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • CrewPass
  • Known Crewmember®(KCM) 
Resource management
  • AirPlan