Connectivity & Network Services

With over 37 million aircraft flying worldwide each day, the safety and efficiency of the skies require a secure and reliable network. Rockwell Collins provides mission-critical communication solutions that harness the power of information for airlines, airports, ground handlers, governments and passengers around the world.

Our ARINC global network spans 230 countries to deliver 7.5 billion messages a year through 600 data processing centers with historically proven 99.999 percent network availability.
What it all means is seamless, secure connectivity for more than 300 airlines, 15,000 aircraft, 4,000 business jets and 120 airports – flexible, cost-effective solutions built on our ever-growing and evolving global infrastructure. In the air, on the ground and throughout the aviation ecosphere, Rockwell Collins is helping keep the industry safe, connected and informed, turning data into insight with next-generation communications and applications.