ARINCDirectSM Flight Planning and Weather

Flight planning made easy

Our ARINCDirect desktop and mobile flight support service applications offer you a complete suite of tools and support services to efficiently and effectively operate your flight department and aircraft.
Create and file electronic flight plans anywhere worldwide, using aircraft performance data and the latest atmospheric forecasts for the most precise fuel burns and time calculations. Run flight plans. Check weight and balance. Track flights. Monitor weather conditions. Manage fuel costs. And much more. All from the industry leader in business aviation technology and unparalleled in customer service.
Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect customers are supported by a 24/7 flight operations center staffed with FAA-certified Part 121 dispatchers.
Paired with the intuitive ARINCDirect iPad® app, accessing and updating flight plans is easy. The plans you complete on the ground are automatically synchronized for use on the flight deck. All company documents are fully integrated with an enhanced PDF viewer, and annotations to charts or flight plans are instantly shared with your co-pilot or dispatcher. Your most recent weather information and flight plans are just a touch away.
The ARINCDirect iPad application is available through the Apple App Store. Once you download the app, simply log in with your regular ARINCDirect username and password.



Online flight planning

  • Flight plan computation/filing
  • Dynamic Hazard Alerting along route of flight 
  • Airport and en route charts
  • Weight and balance computations/load manifest
  • Aircraft performance calculations
  • Critical fuel summaries/ETP calculations/tankering
  • Route cost comparison
  • Integrated Safety Management System (SMS) tools
  • Recently and frequently cleared routes
  • Coded Departure Routes (CDRs)
  • Air traffic control (ATC) preferred routes
  • ETOPS computations
  • Runway analysis including obstacle data
  • Customized flight plan formats
  • RAIM analysis

Safety services


ARINCDirect partners with Polaris Aero to offer a complete safety management tool, FlightRisk®. FlightRisk is a web-based flight planning and risk assessment system that increases knowledge by identifying the critical information – hazards and risk mitigation procedures – most relevant to a flight. Your assessments are based on your company’s standard operating procedures and FAR Part 91/135 designation. FlightRisk goes beyond awareness; it helps facilitate action.
  • Advanced Flight Risk Engine – analyzes thousands of pieces data to determine which is most applicable to your flight
  • Scenario Analysis – shows how hazards change with changing conditions
  • Post-Flight Surveys – allow pilots to share their knowledge and experience with other pilots
  • Custom Rules – create your own hazard advisory messages
  • Vector SMS® Integration – share data with an advanced safety management software application

Vector SMS

Take your flight department’s safety management solution a step further with Vector SMS. Vector SMS is a web-based quality and safety management application that facilitates compliance with SMS requirements (ICAO, IS-BAO), improves operational effectiveness and helps operators achieve the highest level of safety.
  • Enhanced security – advanced data protection combined with maximum flexibility for information-sharing across the organization
  • Advanced data analysis – uses Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS)
  • FlightRisk integration – risk controls are delivered to flight crews during flight planning, where they are most effective

Dedicated flight following

Our dedicated flight following services act as another set of eyes and ears to ensure a successful flight. Customers can expect enhanced pre-flight, en route and post-flight support whenever they travel. Dedicated flight following subscribers can rest assured that a dedicated team will be taking a proactive flight following approach to flight planning, aircraft tracking and pilot communications. Crews get up-to-the-minute information on events and conditions that might affect the safety, efficiency and comfort of flight.
Each member of the ARINCDirect flight following staff is a licensed and experienced FAA Part 121 flight dispatcher. They work hand in hand with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) General Aviation Air Traffic Desk and Air Traffic Control (ATC) System Command Center, monitoring the state of the National Airspace System for en route flow constraints, anticipated or assigned reroutes and airport demand. 
  • Reduce or eliminate ground delays and schedule disruptions
  • Mitigate schedule disruptions because of weather and/or ATC
  • Deliver proactive and innovative solutions to get you airborne on time
  • Worldwide service
  • Eliminate the need for IS-BAO and SMS required after-hours staff

Weight & Balance

Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect offers runway analysis services, using software developed by Aircraft Performance Group (APG), combined with aircraft manufacturer supplied software, and performance data from the appropriate approved Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). With our runway analysis you can determine the maximum allowable gross weights for takeoff and landing procedures, for airports worldwide.
Fully integrated into the ARINCDirect flight planning tool, Weight & Balance (WB) reports are prepared using the customer’s specific aircraft interior configuration and take into account the precise location of all items on board. 

Mapping and worldwide en route charts

Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect offers customers a mapping feature with interactive planning capabilities, including worldwide mapping and navigation data. The application uses ARINC424 navigation data as well as National Aeronautical Charting Office (NACO) charts to provide worldwide mapping, simultaneously displaying multiple routes between city pairs.
Layers and features include: 
  • Flight information regions (FIRs)
  • Animated radar
  • Turbulence
  • Icing
  • Winds
  • Fuel stop locations

Weather services

Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect partners with Schneider Electric to provide the most detailed weather data anywhere, at any time – customized to meet operational preferences. 
  • Worldwide text weather, including METARs, TAFs, PIREPs, SIGMETs, AIRMETs and NOTAMs
  • Worldwide web-based graphical weather charts
  • Enhanced weather graphics for turbulence, icing and thunderstorms
  • Worldwide radar (where available) and satellite imagery
  • Area forecasts and route weather briefings
  • Winds and temperatures aloft data
  • Turbulence, convective activity and volcanic ash advisories
  • "Plain language" weather briefs for passengers, including company logo
  • Route of flight images with weather and TFR overlays
  • Access to an aviation meteorologist for personalized weather briefings (extra fees may apply)

Graphical flight tracking

Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect has partnered with FlightAware to provide the next level of graphical flight tracking support. FlightAware users have global tracking capabilities, based on radar data, ADS-B reports and/or data link position reports.  
  • Display weather overlays and receive real-time information such as ETA, speed and altitude
  • Securely track aircraft from any computer or mobile device
  • View other IFR traffic, weather and ATC trends
  • Monitor in-flight movements and diversions
  • Point-and-click communication with the flight crew for data link equipped aircraft
  • Access Aircraft Situational Display Information (ASDI)