Venue™ cabin management system

Uncompromising quality in high definition

The discerning traveler expects a life of no compromises – on the ground or in the air. Rockwell Collins’ Venue™ high-definition cabin management system has been designed to fulfill that desire, offering a blend of beauty, engagement and forward-thinking functionality that can make your aircraft experience extraordinary.


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Superb design – on your terms

Our award-winning Venue technologies were designed to satisfy – not just by what they bring to you, but also how simple they are to use. With quality that exudes subtle sophistication, the Venue™ high definition cabin management system from Rockwell Collins beautifully complements its surroundings in a multitude of personal aircraft.

This attention to your detail begins even before installation, identifying what you want out of your office, your personal theater and your way of using the cabin. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure the Venue experience is rich with the personalized touches that let you maximize every moment of every flight.

A convergence of productivity and entertainment

Fully compatible with high-definition standards such as HDMI, HD-SDI, Blu-ray and UHD, quality content can be consumed on-demand and on the go. Whether it’s the latest news, a console game, a suspense-filled movie, a symphony orchestra, moving maps or a videoconference with the board of directors, Venue offers unsurpassed content connectivity options.

The connected cabin

The key to today’s cabin is connectivity – the seamless, swift and reliable data to and from your aircraft, connecting you to the people and information that matter most. Our ARINCDirectSM services offer a range of connectivity options, including Inmarsat’s broadband-speed Jet ConneX. Powerful bandwidth to support your work and entertainment needs, from conference calls to streaming video. From the moment you board your aircraft until you reach your destination, without compromise.

Maximum control, at your fingertips

From the moment you settle into your aircraft, you and your aircrew are in control of your cabin environment and connectivity.

Your aircrew can preset your preferences using the galley touch-screen display on your Venue cabin management system, from movie selection profile and Airshow® moving maps preferences to cabin lighting, temperature and background music. And you can adjust them at your leisure via the in-cabin control panels or from your personal device using our Cabin Remote app.

Advanced technologies – behind the scenes

At the heart of Venue is a fiber-optic backbone with tremendous bandwidth to support your every need, and wired and wireless network capabilities to fit the way you wish to experience your cabin. The superior system architecture will accommodate changing needs of aircraft cabin configuration, and its unobtrusive design profile gives you total control. Sound is crystal clear. Touch-screen controllers are intuitive and unobtrusive. And configurable displays throughout the cabin pack enough punch to lift the entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Designed with the passenger in mind

Mobile devices have changed the world, and so too the function of in-flight entertainment. Call or text in flight with our ARINCDirect Wi-Fi app. Move freely through the cabin with wireless technology – Bluetooth, headsets, speakers, Wi-Fi® streaming. And each passenger can independently explore the world beyond the cabin with our Airshow® Mobile moving maps app.

Advancing at the speed of technology

We designed Venue and our ARINCDirect connectivity services to advance at the speed of technology. They work together seamlessly, along with 24/7 global service and support. So your cabin experience is always exceptional.

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