Keeping you connected at every flight level

Whether you are part of a private flight department, large corporation or charter operation, you know that in-flight connectivity is a must in today’s information-enabled world. That’s why Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirectSM cabin connectivity services offer you a variety of options and additional services to meet your phone, fax, voice and data needs. These options include Inmarsat Jet ConneX (JX) and SwiftBroadband, Iridium® and ViaSat® mobile broadband. 
Regardless of your location, we stand ready to provide you with the support you need to stay connected. Our service and support team offers 24/7 technical support, including upgrade consultations, on-site diagnostics and configurations. We have a presence at all major aircraft manufacturers, as well as field service technicians around the globe.




As an Inmarsat distribution partner, ARINCDirect offers a variety of connectivity options for data, email, text messaging, voice and VPN – at some of the best rates in the industry. 

Jet ConneX (JX)

As a business jet passenger, you juggle demanding schedules and projects all while on the go. Whether it’s checking the latest stock price on your smartphone, conducting a video conference or closing a business deal, you can do all this and more in real time while cruising at 35,000 feet with the new Inmarsat Jet ConneX (JX) service.
Connect to JX with your laptop, tablet and smartphone over the aircraft’s Wi-Fi system from the moment you step on board, wherever you fly. JX allows you to do the same things you would in the office. Or, if you’d rather kick back and relax, you can download a movie or watch the game live like you’re at home.
Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect has been a trusted partner of Inmarsat services for more than 20 years. Key benefits include:
  • Seamless global coverage for continuous, consistent service
  • Speeds far beyond anything else available today
  • Upgradable bandwidth for new devices and applications
  • Smart cabin routers for next generation connectivity from the flight deck to the cabin
  • One price for a complete connectivity package
  • One invoice for all service call
  • One phone number for technical, customer and billing support

SwiftBroadband (SBB)

  • Transmitted over the I-4 satellites
  • Service speeds up to 432 kbps
  • Simultaneous high-speed data, safety services and voice
  • Worldwide coverage at all altitudes (except polar regions)
  • Dedicated streaming channels, up to four per aircraft
  • Future integration of air traffic control (ATC) messages

SwiftBroadband 200 (SB200)

  • Transmitted over the I-4 satellites
  • Service speeds up to 200 kbps (uncompressed) via a small, low-gain Class 15 antenna
  • Worldwide coverage at all altitudes (except polar regions)

Swift 64

  • Uses the L-band spectrum and a high-gain antenna communicating over the I-3 satellites
  • Service speeds up to 64 kbps per channel
  • Inmarsat’s first mechanism for high-speed data
  • Combine as many as four channels for a fourfold increase in throughput

ViaSat Mobile Broadband

Designed to serve “office in the sky” applications, ViaSat Mobile Broadband Service also allows you to send and receive email, establish VPN connections, watch streaming video and participate in video conferencing.
Mobile Broadband Service coverage is available both in the air and on the ground, so you can finish that last email during your taxi from the FBO. Although it does not support phone natively, the connection is strong enough to support high-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls. Your service is automatically provisioned in your account using our ARINCDirect AD Connect VoIP app and is available for iOS and Android™.


Iridium is an excellent choice for both phone and fax connectivity, but is also robust enough to provide limited data services through Short Burst Data (SBD) protocol.
Data can include sending/receiving email and SMS messages and supporting data link connectivity. Much like cellphones, Iridium units are programmed with removable SIM cards. ARINCDirect can provide worldwide service to all Iridium units that accept our SIM cards.
Cost effective and reliable, Iridium’s voice and data services are ideal for business jet operators looking to provide their passengers with smartphone enabled air-to-ground voice, SMS, email, fax and low-speed data communications, providing global coverage, including the polar regions.

Smart cabin router

Our new line of smart cabin routers provides ARINCDirect customers an end-to-end connectivity solution. Designed specifically to meet aviation standards and requirements, these new routers enable flight deck and cabin connectivity for IP devices and electronic flight bags, saving business aircraft operators time and money, while improving the overall passenger connectivity experience.
Our open, smart cabin router gives you service provider options. The compact, flange-mount design provides wired or wireless Ethernet connectivity on board the aircraft. It enables access for multiple LAN clients, as well as WAN connectivity to multiple communications networks such as GSM, Inmarsat SBB, Ka/Ku VSAT, Iridium or other networks.
The router offers 3G/4G GSM cellular service that can be used for internet access and file transfers when the aircraft is on the ground. The router also supports non-flight critical cabin crew, flight deck and aircraft system data communication requirements.
Connectivity is only the start. To maximize the flight experience, we offer a wide variety of value-added services, from VoIP to content filtering.

AD Wi-Fi call and text

The ARINCDirect AD Wi-Fi call and text app lets you place and receive calls and texts on your personal cellphone, using your own number anywhere in the world. The app utilizes your broadband Inmarsat (i.e., SBB and JX) and ViaSat mobile broadband connection from your aircraft. 

ARINCDirect Connect VoIP app

The ARINCDirect Connect VoIP app provides the savvy corporate traveler with a bridge between their personal smartphone and the various communications technologies present on the aircraft. It allows passengers to call anywhere in the world directly from their smartphone.  The AD Connect app is available for the iPhone®/iPod touch® and Android-powered smartphones. The app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes® Store and Google Play Store. After downloading the app, click here to begin the activation process.

ARINC Cabin Connect

Our exclusive ARINC Cabin Connect service enables aircraft operators to control SATCOM operating costs through direct credit card payments. Cabin Connect is available to all ARINCDirect SwiftBroadband customers regardless of equipment.

Online customer portal

Customers can access an online portal for real-time usage information and troubleshooting.


Automated usage alerts are provided based on thresholds set by the user.

Acceleration and compression

With our acceleration and compression, you can add 100 to 400 percent bandwidth capacity to your cabin network, sending and receiving more data in a shorter period of time. That means lower costs and a better customer experience.

Network redundancy

We have two Points of Presence (POP), one in London and the other in New York, making Rockwell Collins the only provider with true network redundancy. This ensures uninterrupted service in the event of an operational change or outage.

Content filtering 

Content filtering gives the operator control over what type of data is used in flight. Websites are filtered and content restricted, including auto-updates and cloud services. Content is blocked by category.

ARINCDirect Dial

ARINCDirect Dial is a ground-to-air service that provides your aircraft or fleet with a standard local phone number that routes calls dynamically to any handset in the aircraft, based on the caller’s selection. Our international option lets you pick local numbers from hundreds of cities and countries worldwide.