1 & 2 step common-use, self bag drop solutions

As the number of air travelers increase every year, moving passengers - and their bags - through the check-in process quickly and efficiently is more important than ever.  The ARINC SelfDropTM solution provides crucial services for airports and airlines looking to provide a seamless experience for their passengers. 
Our dedicated and common use solutions can be integrated with full biometric validation and enrollment for enhanced security and tokenless through the airport, improving the passenger experience and streamlining airport operations while decreasing costs.
With the ARINC SelfDrop solution, tagged bags can be processed in as few as 10 seconds and 45 seconds for full service self bag drop, speeding transaction times and reducing queues. 
Fast, simple and cost effective, ARINC SelfDrop solution is transforming airport terminals worldwide. 



With ARINC SelfDrop, customers can implement a simple and fast bag drop reducing the queues associated with manual operations.

Airports can improve terminal efficiency, processing more passengers in the same space.

Airlines enjoy the benefits of self-service including increased revenue and reduced operational costs.

Benefits for Airports

Rockwell Collins’ ARINC SelfDrop  enhances the passenger experience, improves efficiencies and capacity without having to increase terminal space. 

ARINC SelfDrop allows you to:

  • Maximize the return from your terminal investment
  • Maximize terminal throughput and efficiency 
  • Improve the passenger experience and retail revenue by reducing queues and increasing airside dwell time
  • Reduce complexity and IT infrastructure with high-availability cloud technology

Benefits for Airlines

ARINC SelfDrop enables airlines to capture  ancillary revenue at the airport as well as sell tickets and upgrades.

ARINC SelfDrop allows you to:
  • Improve passenger experience - reduce queues with an intuitive and simple self tagging process
  • Control operational access - management and control is centralized to allow instant reporting and rule or price changes to be deployed across the network from the operational headquarters.
  • Maintain and increase ancillary revenues in support of individual airline requirements
  • Empower passengers to complete the entire process unassisted, at faster speeds than conventional desk-based check-in.