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Rockwell Collins Products - Government/Military Light and Medium Aircraft

  • Global Positioning System Sensor


The Rockwell Collins GPS-4000S Global Positioning System Sensor provides GPS-based navigation and enables GPS-based approaches for aircraft equipped with flight management systems. The sensor’s Space Based Augmentation System (SBAS) capabilities enable use of GPS for primary means navigation in areas of SBAS coverage. The sensor also meets the stringent performance requirements of TSO-C146c for ADS-B Out in the United States. The GPS-4000S can be integrated with many avionics systems or can serve as a standalone position source.

Find additional information here: GPS-4000S

TDR-94 / TDR-94D

Rockwell Collins’ TDR-94D Transponder is an all solid-state, crystal-controlled receiver/transmitter specifically designed for TCAS-II-equipped business aircraft and regional airliners with 28 V DC electrical systems and limited space. It is the airborne portion of the Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System. The receiver/transmitter is also fully DO-260B compliant for worldwide ADS-B Out operations.

Find additional information here: TDR-94 / TDR-94D