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Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Rockwell Collins expecting ADS-B Out mandates to delay in the United States or Europe?

A: No. ADS-B is a cornerstone of future airspace modernization programs. Governments have made significant investments in ADS-B infrastructure and will not delay implementation.


Q: Will DO-260 or DO-260A compliant systems be sufficient to meet mandated requirements in the US or Europe?

A: No. The US and Europe and China are requiring DO-260B for ADS-B Out compliance and access to airspace. Service bulletins are available to upgrade your transponder to be DO-260B compliant.


Q: Are exemptions available for ADS-B Out in the United States?

A: No. All aircraft operating in ADS-B applicable airspace will need to be equipped for ADS-B Out. Exemptions are available for some aircraft which do not have the GPS position integrity required by FAR 91.227. Exemptions will be granted on a case-by-case basis by the FAA and will require installing a compliant position source by 2025. Even with an exemption operations will not be guaranteed and may require deviations to planned routes of flight through use of the SAPT tool. Most business and regional aircraft have a GPS position source upgrade path available and Rockwell Collins highly encourages operators to update and avoid the exemption process and possible restrictions.


Q: Do I have to buy all new hardware to replace my current RC hardware?

A: Not necessarily. Depending on the status of your equipment, upgrades via service bulletins may be available to bring your hardware to the latest status needed for ADS-B. For Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas aircraft check the ATS upgrade path. For other business and regional aircraft check the BRS upgrade path. 


Q: How many aircraft remain to be updated?

A:  Thousands of aircraft remain to be updated for various ADS-B Out mandates worldwide.  Given the large volume of aircraft remaining and finite installation infrastructure, Rockwell Collins is highly encouraging operators to equip ADS-B Out as quickly as possible to avoid lengthy waits and increasing costs..


Q: How much will ADS-B cost to implement on my aircraft?

A: ADS-B will vary depending on the upgrade path for your equipment and the upgrade path you choose. Contact your preferred Rockwell Collins dealer to discuss upgrade options for your aircraft.


Q: What aircraft qualify for the FAA’s $500 ADS-B incentive?

A: The FAA incentive only applies to single engine piston aircraft.


Q: Can I bundle upgrades for ADS-B with other programs to bring additional functionality to my aircraft?

A: Yes. For select business aviation aircraft Rockwell Collins has developed packages to bring additional functionality such as Synthetic Vision (SVS) and LPV approaches to your ADS-B upgrade. Contact your Rockwell Collins dealer for availability and pricing for your aircraft.


Q: Can Rockwell Collins replace other transponders in the market (MST-76A, TRA-67A, etc)?

A: Yes. Contact your preferred Rockwell Collins dealer for upgrade availability for your aircraft dealer.


Q: Who can I contact with questions on ADS-B for my aircraft?

A: For pricing and installation options contact your preferred Rockwell Collins dealer. For general questions on Rockwell Collins ADS-B products or certifications contact usFor information on Government and Military ADS-B options contact us.