Athena 411 Integrated Flight Control System


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Features & Benefits

  • Accurate roll, pitch and heading in dynamic environments and sustained turns
  • WAAS-enabled, differential-ready GPS
  • Kalman filter algorithms for full INS and attitude solution
  • A tactical, low-cost, integrated INS/GPS/ ADAHRS and flight controls system
  • Dual airspeed and altitude air data measurement



INS/GPS Performance:
Update Rate100 Hz
Start-up Time10 seconds (initial attitude); 2 minutes (full alignment)
Heading Range± 3.14 rad (± 180 deg)
Attitude Range Pitch± 1.57 rad (± 90 deg)
Attitude Range Roll± 3.14 rad (± 180 deg)
Altitude Range-304.8 m to 15,240 m (-1,000 ft to 50,000 ft)
Altitude Accuracy13.7 m (45 ft) at sea level, 76.2 m (250 ft) at 12, 192 m (40,000 ft) altitude
GPS RangeWorldwide
Lat/Long Position/Velocity AccuracyGPS C/A Code; differential-ready, WAAS enabled
GPS Antenna Power3.3 V standard or 5 V optional with embedded GPS
Airspeed Accuracy< 2 knots @ 40 knots, < 1 knot @ 60 knots
Max Airspeed200 knots standard, up to 650 knots available
IMU Performance:
Maximum Angular Rates± 3.49 rad (± 200 deg/s)
Maximum g Range± 7 g
Attitude Heading Accuracy (1 Sigma) with GPS:
Pitch/Roll Accuracy1.75 mrad (0.1 deg)
Heading Accuracy1.75 mrad (0.1 deg)¹
Attitude Heading Accuracy During Extended GPS Outage (1 Sigma):
Pitch/Roll Accuracy8.73 mrad (0.5 deg)¹
Heading Accuracy17.45 mrad ( 1 deg)¹
¹Dependent on the accuracy of the measured external magnetic field

Physical Specs

Size11.43 x 10.9 x 12.4 cm (4.5 x 4.3 x 4.9 in)
Weight1.0 kg (2.2 lb)
Power6 W (nominal) @ 18-36 VDC, 12 W peak


Power consumption is 6 watts nominal, 12 watts peak @ 18-36 VDC.
Power characteristic interfaces are designed according to MIL-STD-704D, F.

Typical System


Part Number


Athena 411



GPS antenna


Lab ready

GPS antenna


Flight ready

Related Documents

User's Manual 523-0020173-001 is available upon request.


We offer a wide range of training courses suitable for both individuals and groups. These courses can be aimed at varying levels from basic user operation to complex fault finding. Field service engineers can visit your facility to conduct training courses.

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