CMU-900 Communication Management Unit


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Features & Benefits

  • Compliant ARINC 758 communications management unit: Delivers state-of-the-art Data Link communication management that complies with industry standard ARINC Characteristic 758 installations.
  • Compliant with FANS interoperability and VHF/VDL mode 2 networks: Provides fully compliant ARINC AQP and SITA VAQ testing and is qualified by Boeing FANS-1 for interoperability.
  • Link 2000+ protected mode CPDLC certified: Certified for the 2011 European Link 2000+ mandate for air traffic control communication over the VHF Digital Link (VDL) Mode 2 and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN).
  • Supports and manages multiple air-to-ground subnetworks: VDL Mode 2, Plain Old ACARS, VDL Mode 2, Inmarsat and Iridium satellite Data Link communications, and HF Datalink.
  • Flexible AOC development tool: Provides a powerful user application development capability, allowing you the option of modifying and testing your own Data Link nonessential AOC application changes, and supports a completely modifiable AOC Application without certification impact.
  • Capable AOC PC-based simulation tool: Provides a powerful PC based-simulation capability that is extremely useful as a prototyping and training tool.
  • Experienced operational and technical support: Backed by the expertise and experience of support, service, and engineering staff to assure successful Data Link integration and deployment.

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