Collins Aerospace's ARINC vMUSE™ provides new passenger processing capabilities that enable airlines to focus on just one suite of check-in applications and dramatically reduce operating costs.

Highly efficient and reliable, Collins' ARINC Multi-User System Environment (MUSE®)—the venerable shared passenger and flight information system—already supports more than 300 airlines at over 100 airports worldwide. Now ARINC vMUSE condenses airport operations even more—ridding dependency on native applications and expensive secondary devices.

Virtualizing peripheral components like printers, hardware, readers and other operating systems can significantly cut technology costs. The elimination of custom printers and costly paper products for boarding passes alone could reduce costs by as much as 4:1.

Economical and forward-thinking, ARINC vMUSE maximizes your operations by eliminating software engineering and development costs—giving smaller and mid-sized airports much more flexibility to upgrade their operations.

A quick and easy upgrade from the current iMUSE platform, vMUSE is designed to be interoperable with all current common-use terminal equipment (CUTE) technology and tomorrow's common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS).

Streamline your operations and propel your airline into the next generation of airport architecture—ARINC vMUSE.

vMUSE™ mobile
Collins now offers the ideal solution to reduce queues and keep passengers moving—ARINC vMUSE™ mobile. Built on our proven, trusted vMUSE common-use passenger processing system, vMUSE mobile requires no installation time, software configuration, telecommunications lines, or added technical resources.

Launch passenger check-in service in minutes, wherever there is an internet connection—even over WiFi and 3G. Perfect for airports, airlines and ground handlers, it’s also great for irregular and overflow operations, parking terminals, rental car facilities, transit stations, and other venues where common-use isn’t established.

Quick facts

  • Directly supports native applications without requiring software modifications
  • ARINC vMUSE runs on Windows® 7
  • Easily scaled to fit small or large airports
  • Allows passengers to check-in on their mobile phones
  • ARINC vMUSE Enterprise is the ideal solution for airlines and airports of any size. The virtual check-in service eliminates the need for servers and core computing space.

Did you know

Collins Aerospace's ARINC multi-user system environment (MUSE®) passenger systems are found in more than 100 airports and used by more than 300 airlines worldwide.