Collins Aerospace's ARINC ExpressCheck gives airline agents the flexibility to check in passengers just about anywhere. ARINC ExpressCheck is a simple, fast web application that allows boarding passes and bag tags to be printed on or offsite. Little to no training is required to have an agent up and running on ARINC ExpressCheck and rarely is extra equipment necessary. All they need is a workstation with a secure virtual private network (VPN).

Touch-of-a-button usability enables agents to check in passengers, select seats, add or remove baggage, display bag charges, even handle payment on the spot. Whether it's at the airport or remote locations such as hotels, convention centers, rental car facilities or train stations, ARINC ExpressCheck makes it easy.

ARINC ExpressCheck applies each airline's business logic to the check-in and baggage process using our multi-channel service platform. Centrally managed core servers connect to Departure Control System (DCS) hosts through a middleware layer. DCS commands are translated into a simple, CLF-like presentation on user screens.

Quick facts

  • Matches all bags with boarded passengers
  • Minimizes misdirected baggage and associated rerouting costs
  • Automates tracking of passenger boarding and baggage loading