IT System Maintenance

Whether you need to outsource your IT support or simply augment your staff, ARINC Managed Services' (AMS) IT system maintenance services provide the flexibility, reliability and expertise to shape the best solution for your operations. As a single-source provider, we’ll also eliminate the huge drain on time and resources that multiple service providers create.

AMS' proven SLA performance-based contracts measure and track IT maintenance in real time, system-wide, giving our customers a clear understanding of our contractual commitments versus actual performance. Continuous proactive monitoring provides an instantaneous status on virtually all devices. Electronically monitoring your IT system enables us to detect and fix failures before they’re ever reported, creating a better standard of service, and most importantly cutting operating costs.

We offer:

  • On-Site maintenance - Expert technicians on location to meet the most stringent service requirements
  • On-Call maintenance - 24-7-365 expert assistance at your fingertips
  • Depot repair facilities - Equipment repairs, rebuilds, modifications, testing, and standardization
  • OEM support - Equipment repair for a wide variety of manufacturers, both in and out of warranty