Facing more overcrowding and greater operational challenges than ever before, airports need solutions that move passengers as quickly and efficiently as possible while accommodating evolving security requirements and new International Air Transport Association (IATA) initiatives. Collins Aerospace’s ARINC Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS)—VeriPaxTM—optimizes passenger flow at security checkpoints by complementing existing manual processes, enables the verification of flight and boarding pass information, and incorporates new initiatives in airport technology.

ARINC VeriPax reads boarding passes using new 2D barcode scanners, automatically screens passengers against airline host systems in real time, determines clearance and provides alerts to agents when necessary. Designed to combat the toughest challenges of the modern airport environment, ARINC VeriPax strengthens security and simplifies the process at the same time, delivering a dynamic solution that can affect operational efficiency across the board.

Quick facts

  • Maximizes security checkpoint operations
  • Follows IATA Simplifying the Business initiative
  • Incorporates 2D barcode scanners and supports transition to more common-use self-service (CUSS) applications and off-site check-in options
  • Customizable for “Watchlist” validation, Departure Control System (DCS) reconciliation and future digital signature encryption