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Upgrading your flight deck from Pro Line 4™ to our Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics system provides your aircraft with powerful new baseline features that solve your obsolescence issues in a cost-effective package. These features, along with a menu of avionics options, can satisfy mandates, let you fly in preferred airspace to more destinations and increase your aircraft’s safety and efficiency.

  • A fully loaded package of baseline equipment for operation in modernizing global airspace: DO-260B compliant ADS-B, SBAS-capable GNSS, localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) approaches, radius-to-fix (RF) legs and more
  • Three 14.1-inch widescreen LCDs with advanced graphics, configurable windows and touch-screen or point-and-click navigation
  • High-resolution synthetic vision as a standard feature, including Collins Aerospace’s patented airport dome, and extended runway centerlines with mile markers to better orient the pilot from top of descent through final approach
  • Touch-interactive maps with eyes-forward flight planning, high-resolution topography, real-time on-board weather radar overlays, obstacles, and special-use airspace and search patterns for expanded situational awareness and reduced workload
  • Geo-referenced electronic navigation charts that display own-ship aircraft position for enhanced situational awareness during approaches
  • Easy and fast database updates using a standard USB drive port on the front of the displays, or the optional Aircraft Information Manager wireless data loading service


The business-jet cabin is a home away from home for the business traveler. We think it should feel that way. With cabin upgrades such as our Venue™ cabin management system – along with optional connectivity and content solutions – your Challenger 604 cabin becomes an even more inviting place to work and relax.


Stream movies and catch up on the latest news in flight, while giving your Challenger 604 pilots and flight department the high-speed, reliable and secure information exchange they need to operate at peak performance. Connectivity services from Collins Aerospace make it possible.


Wherever your Challenger 604 takes you, Rockwell Collins is there with the highest level of service and support. Flight planning tools make it easier than ever to efficiently handle trip details. Tailored aircraft services ensure your aircraft is always ready when you need it – and help your Challenger 604 investment retain its market value.  

Rockwell Collins earned Bombardiers In Service Supplier Top Achievement Recognition (STAR) award four years in a row, most recently in 2016.


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