Diversity Initiatives

3 diverse employees look at product

Mentoring relationships are highly encouraged for all employees at Collins Aerospace. And there are many ways to get connected with the right mentor, including utilizing our employee resource groups, or just by contacting someone in a role you're interested in learning more about —our leaders have an open door mindset.

How you mentor is up to you, either formally or informally, but we do offer different formats through our employee resource groups geared toward your career development. These formats include speed mentoring, reverse mentoring, mentoring circles and global/ virtual mentoring.

Unconscious bias training
Educating our employees, both leaders and individual contributors, about inclusive behaviors is a key component of our overall inclusion and diversity strategy. One way that we accomplish this is through unconscious bias training. This training is focused on educating and raising awareness of unconscious bias, helping employees recognize their own.

Community inclusion
Our investment in the communities in which our employees live and work helps us attract and maintain a dynamic and talented workforce. By supporting education, arts and cultural partners, we strengthen our communities and provide development opportunities for our employees.

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