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Reimagining the passenger experience

Our connected – and interconnected – world makes the traveler’s experience wholly different from just a few years ago. Automated check-in solutions, biometrics, smart phones and high-speed connectivity are driving airlines, manufacturers and service providers to pursue innovative solutions to address passengers’ needs today and their desires of tomorrow.

We see great potential to reimagine and enhance the overall travel experience, eliminating points of irritation and providing airport and airborne convenience, productivity and comfort that are at near-terrestrial levels. Rockwell Collins plays a critical role throughout passengers' journeys, from the moment they walk into an airport through every phase of flight.

  • Pulse Aero

More efficient passenger processing

In January, we acquired Pulse.Aero, a U.K.-based company specializing in self-service bag drop solutions and airline applications, to enhance our passenger processing services for airports and airlines, which also include common-use check-in, self-service kiosks and off-site check-in.

  • Airport biometric solutions

Seamless passenger journey

Our efficient and cost-effective systems leverage biometric data such as facial recognition to speed traveler movement at check-in, security access points and boarding gates while maintaining and improving security.

Improved ground operations

Our ARINC AviNet networks serve as a backbone to share crucial data on the ground with airlines, airport operators and travelers. Better data flow between cabin interior systems and maintenance can streamline turnaround times while enhancing the passenger experience. Tracking the exact position of airport resources such as airbridges and tow trucks can ensure they’re deployed more efficiently to match the flow of passenger traffic. And indoor networks and Bluetooth connections can allow airport operators to share relevant information – like gate information, directions, shopping destinations and restaurants – directly to passengers’ mobile devices as they prefer.

Connectivity for passenger engagement

The advent of smartphones and tablets has changed the equation for connectivity: today’s passengers are foregoing traditional IFE broadcast and seat-back models in favor of their own personal devices. Our systems connect passengers to content – movies, music, news and more – on board the aircraft. And as value-added resellers of Inmarsat’s GX Aviation service, Rockwell Collins provides high-bandwidth connectivity off the aircraft, allowing passengers to connect with family and friends, access email and the internet, and stream terrestrial content.

What's next?

With our new Interior Systems business, we see great potential in integrating connectivity into cabin products such as seats, galley equipment and even lavatories with smart networking technologies.  For example, imagine:

  • Lighting throughout the cabin that changes automatically based on time of day, weather outside the aircraft and the amount of ambient light coming through windows.
  • Smart seats that enable passengers to order specific meals, drinks, blankets and amenities for a catered travel experience - and even sense when a passenger wakes up so the flight attendant can be ready with a meal.
  • Galley sensors that automatically determine the inventory required for restocking the aircraft, and communicate that information to ground personnel.

B/E Aerospace is now part of Rockwell Collins

B/E Aerospace is now part of Rockwell Collins