Business Aviation Operators Conference 2018

Helping business aviation pilots and maintainers stay safe, connected, and informed.

Are you overwhelmed by the pace of change in business aviation? Do you wish you had a crystal ball to see what new business aviation technologies were coming so you could make better decisions today?

Join us at one of our Business Aviation Operator Conferences where we'll walk you through how to best maximize Rockwell Collins solutions for your aircraft, from nose to tail. We’ll cover airspace modernization, FMS capabilities, troubleshooting tips and managing and understanding the passenger’s experience.

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Conferences near you to learn how to stay safe, connected and informed with Rockwell Collins:

San Jose, CA/Bay Area - January 23, 2018

Seattle, WA - January 25, 2018

Minneapolis, MN - February 20, 2018

White Plains, NY - February 22, 2018

Atlanta, GA - April 17, 2018

Denver, CO - April 19, 2018

Conference Topics

Master your Flight Management System (FMS)

The Flight Management System (FMS) is an incredibly capable tool. Do you ever worry you’re not maximizing its benefit? In this session, both pilots and maintainers can learn helpful hints, tips and techniques on how to build and modify flight plans, load databases and avoid common operational pitfalls. Employ any of these simple tips on your next flight to stay one step ahead of your FMS

Maximizing Your Cabin Experience

Your passengers require a versatile cabin with optional services and products that bring the familiar conveniences of their preferred lifestyle on board. Learn about solutions available today to maximize your passenger’s experience and take a peek at other technologies coming soon.

Airspace Modernization

CPDLC, FANS, NextGen, SESAR, DCL, ADS-B; it starts to feel a bit like alphabet soup. Cut through the noise with the help of our industry experts to understand the what, when, and why of airspace modernization and how it will affect your operation.

Tips for a successful cabin experience

Each of your passengers may be different but one thing is certain - they all expect to have a connected experience in their cabin similar to the one they have in their office and home. Learn about the implications that may affect your passenger’s experience as well as tips to prevent and troubleshoot issues that may surface. All with real world examples you can relate to.

Navigating Rockwell Collins

Business aviation operators have enough to worry about when navigating bad weather and airspace regulations. Nobody wants to spend extra time trying to find the right person to talk to when they need some help. During this session, we’ll share some common customer questions to help you proactively avoid problems. Also, we’ll identify contact points within Rockwell Collins so when you do need assistance we can get you answers fast.

Trying to minimizing downtime?

This session will also cover services that minimize downtime and offer predictable maintenance costs.

Enjoy a complimentary breakfast and lunch!

Breakfast begins at 8:00 a.m. and lunch at 12:30 p.m. The formal sessions will conclude by early afternoon but our industry experts will be available for continued discussion.

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