ARINCDirectSM flight planning + SmartNOTAM = just the information you need, when you need it

NOTAMs are a critical part of pre-flight prep. ARINCDirect flight planning subscribers can use SmartNOTAM to simplify and improve the pre-flight planning process Click to enlarge

Rockwell Collins collaborates with Skyguide to improve bizav safety and efficiency

Imagine you’re about to take a trip across the country. Now, to ensure you have the safest experience possible, imagine getting updates on all sorts of information that may affect your trip…road closures, construction projects and weather forecasts. Pretty helpful, right?

Now imagine you get that information all at once. For every place you visit. With no way to identify what’s really important for your specific itinerary, unless you review every piece of data individually. Knowing that a section of Interstate 95 South is going to be closed two weeks after your trip? Not so helpful.

If you’re a business aviation pilot, this scenario can be all too common.
To prepare for a flight, pilots must complete an extensive pre-flight briefing: prepare the crew, perform fuel calculations, review the weather briefing and review NOTAMS.

A NOTAM, or Notice to Airmen, contains essential information about airways, airports, and navigational aids. Before a flight, a pilot can receive dozens of NOTAMS with information that may—or may not— impact his or her flight. Reviewing them all to find those that are operationally relevant can take a significant amount of time. That’s why Rockwell Collins is working with Skyguide to improve the situation.

Caption: Combining SmartNOTAM with ARINCDirect flight planning services is giving pilots a new tool to improve the efficiency and safety of their flights.

“The quality of ‘raw’ NOTAMS varies quite significantly around the world,” said Bob Richards, senior director, Flight Support Services for Rockwell Collins.“We’ve partnered with Skyguide because they are improving the quality of NOTAMS by allowing them to be machine readable. With SmartNOTAM, Skyguide has created a capability that can sort, filter and categorize NOTAMS, allowing a pilot to see only those that are relevant to his or her flight.”

Combining SmartNOTAM with ARINCDirect flight planning services is giving pilots a new tool to improve the efficiency and safety of their flights.

“The ARINCDirect flight planning application currently provides time, altitude and flight path information,” notes Richard. “By integrating SmartNOTAM with our flight planning service, ARINCDirect customers will have a seamless tool to reduce the number of NOTAMS they must review prior to departure.”

And it’s making a big difference for pilots. Consider a recent example where a pilot had over 70 pages of NOTAMS for a transatlantic flight. After sorting them using the ARINCDirect flight planning tools, the NOTAMS were reduced by about 70 percent . “With SmartNOTAM, we’re working to improve safety and efficiency for business aviation pilots everywhere.”

Sounds like smart thinking to us.

To learn more about how ARINCDirect services and SmartNOTAM can help improve your flight, see our latest video.

Story posted: October 10, 2017

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