Rockwell Collins helping business aircraft operators in Canada and Brazil meet ADS-B mandates

ADS-B Out mandates are quickly approaching, becoming a requirement to travel within Class A, B, C and E airspace over the U.S. by the end of 2019 and in Europe by June 2020.To help business aircraft owners outside of the U.S. become compliant in time, Rockwell Collins continues to validate more supplemental type certificates (STCs) as demand rises.

Compliance combined with a modernized flying experience

In addition to meeting ADS-B Out mandates, turn-key avionics upgrade packages have been certified that give aircraft owners the chance to modernize their aircraft for years to come. The packages include the popular Pro Line 21™ and Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics systems.

Today, there are close to 4,900 aircraft flying with Rockwell Collins’ proven and reliable Pro Line 21. Continuous improvements to existing Pro Line 21 systems bring new capabilities as operating requirements evolve. An upgrade of an existing Pro Line 21 system brings a whole new flying experience to pilots through localizer performance vertical guidance (LPV) capabilities, flight management system (FMS) updates, faster database uploads and synthetic vision.

Synthetic Vision
Synthetic vision allows for confident flying at night or in any weather condition.

Turn-key packages recently certified in Canada and Brazil

A group of individual, discounted packages now give owners in Canada and Brazil the option to become ADS-B compliant while modernizing their aircraft at the same time. Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) recently approved the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) STCs SA11133SC and SA11134SC, which allow operators of Canadian registered Beechcraft King Air® C90, B200 and B300 aircraft to upgrade their existing Pro Line 21 systems to the latest version. In Brazil, the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) recently approved the same STC.

PL-21 King Air
Pro Line 21™ integrated avionics upgrade for King Air turboprops

A similar Pro Line 21 STC has been approved for Canadian operators of the Hawker 750, 800XP, 850XP and 900XP.

Pro Line 21™ integrated avionics upgrade for Hawker 750/800XP/900XP

Just three months after FAA approval, Transport Canada approved the Pro Line Fusion upgrade for the Cessna Citation CJ3, which notably includes widescreen displays, high-resolution synthetic vision and touchscreen navigation.

Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics upgrade for Citation CJ3

Bombardier Challenger 604 upgrades

Transport Canada has approved the STC for Canadian operators of the Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft with the existing Pro Line 4 integrated avionics systems. This STC covers installation of the Future Airspace Navigation System (FANS) 1/A for long-range controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) during transoceanic flights.
Also for the Challenger 604 aircraft, an upgrade from the Pro Line 4 flight deck to the Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system will be available soon. That STC is currently scheduled to be certified in the U.S. by fall of 2018. Progress on the status of the STCs in other countries will be announced when available.

Pro Line Fusion for Challenger 604
Pro Line Fusion® integrated avionics upgrade for the Bombardier Challenger 604 aircraft

Prepared for the future

For business aircraft owners in Canada and Brazil, Rockwell Collins is providing innovative solutions for efficient, unrestricted flight in modern airspace for the remaining years of their aircraft.

Story posted: August 10, 2017

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