Airbus and Rockwell Collins: Innovating together for the A350 XWB

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The challenge:
In response to demand for a series of highly efficient, medium-capacity, long-range, wide-body aircraft, Airbus is launching its A350 XWB (“Extra-Wide Body”) family. With the widest fuselage in its category, the A350 XWB offers unprecedented levels of comfort as well as the lowest operating and seat-mile costs of any aircraft in the 270- to 350-seat market segment.

Rockwell Collins has been an Airbus avionics supplier since the 1970s. Our equipment is on board all in-production Airbus aircraft, and our consistently high level of service has earned us a number of Airbus customer performance awards.

The solution:
For the A350 XWB, we’re providing significantly more content than on any other Airbus aircraft. This includes navigation and data-network capabilities, landing guidance systems, flight control equipment, information management and communications.

Airbus is also relying on us to lead new complex integration activities, introducing a new level of trust.

The benefit:
“We appreciate the constant drive of Rockwell Collins to deliver high quality packages and the solutions that best fit our needs in a positive collaborative environment” said Regis Delpierre, A350 XWB Systems & Testing Vice-President, Airbus.

“Rockwell Collins was selected for several work packages – including the communication package and the on-board information management solution – following rigorous fair and open calls for tender, addressing technical, commercial, customer service and industrial aspects. Systems integration capability and expertise level were clearly part of the engineering and industrial criteria. The expertise that Rockwell Collins provides in communication, navigation and information technologies was judged as a key asset.”

To learn more about Rockwell Collins’ vital role in the A350 XWB, download the full testimonial.

Story posted: June 13, 2013

Download: Airbus A350 XWB testimonial

Learn about the role Rockwell Collins has played in the A350 XWB program in "Airbus and Rockwell Collins: Innovating together for the A350 XWB"

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