Land Forces 2018

    • Date
    • Sep 4-6, 2018
    • Duration/Time
    • Location
    • Adelaide, Australia
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Across the battlespace, Rockwell Collins is fusing technologies to give defense forces new, digital advantages for their missions. It’s how we’re integrating technologies such as augmented virtual reality to enable off-site, joint fires support with real-time 3D situational awareness of the battle environment.

Those support solutions include:

  • Extreme battlespace offensive support – Creates synthetic environments of fused reality to conduct joint fires.
  • RealFires™ Joint Fires and Effects Simulator – A high-fidelity, scalable training solution designed by JTACs for joint fires operators.
  • Integrated Digital Vision System – A fully digital head-worn system that integrates multispectral night vision sensors with situational awareness information.

We apply proven technical expertise, deep domain knowledge and strategic vision to transform what’s possible for commanders and their warfighters. 

See what the fusion of experience and ingenuity can do for you.

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