HeliSure™ Helicopter Synthetic Vision System

Every minute of every day in every corner of the world a helicopter is performing a critical mission. Often those flights are conducted at low altitudes, in visually restricted conditions and at unfamiliar, off-airport locations.

These types of operations put a great deal of added stress on flight crews. Statistics show high-workload, low-visibility situations are the leading cause of controlled flight into terrain (CFIT ) accidents.

Fortunately, there is a technological solution to CFIT accidents. Rockwell Collins Helicopter Synthetic Vision System (H-SVS) gives pilots a “real-world” view of the terrain and obstacles along their flight path.These high-resolution displays enable helicopter pilots to “see and avoid” even when they can’t see outside the aircraft.

H-SVS is part of the Rockwell Collins HeliSure™ product family – the only complete helicopter portfolio offering increased situational awareness through a unique combination of integrated visualization, displays, sensors and database components.



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Features & Benefits

  • Delivers high situational awareness in low visibility conditions
  • Gives pilots a “real-world” view of the terrain and obstacles along their flight path
  • When combined with our high resolution large area displays, provides pilots with the best possible view of terrain and obstacles along their flight path.
  • High-resolution terrain and known obstacle database with 3-arc second resolution deliversthe most detailed display available today.
  • Our H-SVS solution is the only one backed by the Rockwell Collins global support network.
  • Near-lifelike images provide great textural detail, giving pilots a greater degree of confidence when operating in unfamiliar areas.
  • Positioning and relative motion cues help accurately judge the helicopter’s actual current relationship to terrain and obstacles
  • Open architecture facilitates software upgrades
  • H-SVS displays can integrate with a host of other situational awareness solutions



Our Helicopter Synthetic Vision System (H-SVS) is part of the Rockwell Collins HeliSure™ family - the only portfolio of products combining 3D visualization, displays, sensors and databases that together increase situational awareness for helicopters. Please contact a Rockwell Collins sales representative who can better understand and address your specific requirements.

Typical System


Main Components

From small to large and from light to heavy helicopters, HeliSure’s scalability and flexibility make it virtually platform agnostic. That same flexibility also makes HeliSure compatible with many different system configurations – whether as a stand-alone or highly integrated with other avionics. Please contact a Rockwell Collins sales representative who can better understand and address your specific requirements.

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