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SecureOne 690x364

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SecureOne™ Cross Domain Technologies


Rockwell Collins’ SecureOne™ cross domain technologies are a family of high assurance technologies for military tactical systems that enable increased situational awareness through trusted multi-classification information sharing. SecureOne allows users to securely process, communicate, display and store data at different classification levels, without the need for separate processing, communication, display and storage equipment. This results in the user having access to unclassified and classified data on the same display while benefiting from a reduction in size, weight and power.

SecureOne cross domain technologies are an evolution of Rockwell Collins’ fielded open systems architecture to add the capability to protect multiple levels of classified information being handled simultaneously.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Increased situational awareness through trusted information sharing
  • Reduced user workload
  • Reduced size, weight and power over many traditional approaches
  • Open architecture MILS processing, cross domain, communication, display and storage of multiple classification levels of data
  • Certifiable, high assurance environment for tactical systems
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Please contact Rockwell Collins for additional information on this product.

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Please contact Rockwell Collins for additional information on this product.

Please contact Rockwell Collins for additional information on this product.

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