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Rockwell Collins Deutschland in Heidelberg, Germany, owes its growth over the last 50 years to the continuous evolution of its products and systems, the constant improvement of its facilities, the diversification of its activities and the high quality of its technical teams. We have the ability to draw upon the experience of multidiscipline engineers and technicians as well as highly qualified production workers. Furthermore, the quality management program implemented in Heidelberg ensures high standards of quality in all areas, including:

  • Distribution, manufacturing, subsystem integration, service and support of communication and navigation equipment for airborne and aerospace platforms
  • Development, production, distribution and service for integrated communication systems for ship, ground or shelter applications
  • Space Wheels Design and manufacturing TELDIX® precision space wheels

With an extensive understanding of the total avionics architecture, Rockwell Collins Deutschland provides our customers with a wide range of enhanced, complex solutions, ranging from man/machine interface in the pilot’s Head-Up Display unit to complete computing units for cockpit, mission and missile management. We developed the Tornado’s missile control system and presented solutions to meet requirements for voice compression and video signal management established by the consortium developing the Eurofighter.

With our proven experience in the military computers sector in Germany, we have products on more than 20 different platforms across airborne, naval and land-based applications. We are an established, premier supplier of customized complex electronics on high-profile military aircraft programs including the Eurofighter "Typhoon,” CH-53GA, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Our commitment to ongoing innovation also continues with research and development of next-generation technology for commercial and military applications, focusing on:

  • Embedded, real-time multiprocessor systems for standardized and special purposes and for harsh environmental conditions including temperature, vibration and humidity
  • Standardized and special processor modules, electrical and optical interfaces and communication submodules for multiple applications
  • Software for safety-critical applications
  • Design of robust, radiation-hardened electronics  
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Rockwell Collins Deutschland GmbH
Grenzhoefer Weg 36
69123 Heidelberg, Germany
Fax: +49-6221-512-305
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