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From the ACARS® innovator and world leader

If a pilot needs a weather report to navigate a storm—at the touch of a button, and within seconds, Rockwell Collins’ ARINC ACARS® sends timely, accurate information that crew members can display or print. ACARS—the only data link infrastructure with pole-to-pole global coverage—delivers the critical reliability airlines depend on every day.

Thirty years ago, ACARS revolutionized air-to-ground communications, transitioning an entire industry from legacy, voice-reliant systems to data link. It quickly became the standard in aviation, and today is the most trusted, proven, and reliable—achieving 99.999% availability—communications system in the world.

Designed to reduce workload and improve data integrity, ACARS is a beacon of operational efficiency for airlines—perpetuating critical, automated, real-time messaging between the flight crew and air traffic control (ATC).

ACARS is also optimized for each airline’s unique needs—featuring custom applications, hardware requirements, formatting and language, and scalable control displays. With such versatility, ACARS performs many crucial functions:

  • Abnormal flight condition identification
  • Detailed engine reports
  • Repair and maintenance plan
  • Manual email-type messaging between crew and ATC
  • Weather reports

ACARS benefits airline communications across the board. Our highly reliable, world-wide data link coverage still remains the aviation communications standard.

Quick facts
  • We are the world leader in air-to-ground communications
  • Automatic and manual data link messaging
  • Very high frequency (VHF), Inmarsat satellite and high frequency (HF) provide seamless coverage around the world
Did you know

High Frequency Data Link use has grown 20% a year for the last 10 years.