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Flight Operations System (FOS®)

Efficient and flexible ARINCDirectSM Flight Operations System

Through our industry-leading ARINCDirect Flight Operations System (FOS®), Rockwell Collins streamlines your flight operations, no matter how demanding or complex, to bring you unparalleled speed, functionality and ease of use. It gathers all the information you require in one place, with a rich array of features and no redundant data entry—saving you time and effort while enabling you to cut costs and serve your customers more effectively.

Features include scheduling, crew scheduling, scheduler's toolkit, charter quotes, training, flight logs and report writer. And because ARINCDirect FOS is integrated with flight planning and international trip support tools, we provide transparency and seamless integration between operations, cabin and aircraft, increasing predictability of operation, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

The Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect

Our ARINCDirect suite of flight support services brings together the Rockwell Collins’ Ascend flight information solutions and ARINCDirect flight services into a single-source solution for best-in-class

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