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Flight Information Solutions

If it's part of your flight, it's covered by Rockwell Collins

For a seamless flight experience from pre-trip through in-flight, on-ground and post-trip, you can count on Rockwell Collins.

Our ARINCDirect flight support services offer you a single source of best-in-class solutions for flight planning, cabin connectivity, international trip support and flight operations and scheduling software.

In the air, we can tailor your cabin information to best fit your passengers’ needs: News feeds for finance, sports and weather.  Moving maps to tack progress and spot points of interest in real time. Even live satellite TV with optional premium content.

And on the ground, our maintenance operation services allow you to keep your aircraft databases up to date, wherever you land, either through direct downloads or via our automated Aircraft Information Manager for Rockwell Collins flight decks.

The Rockwell Collins ARINCDirect

Our ARINCDirect suite of flight support services brings together the Rockwell Collins’ Ascend flight information solutions and ARINCDirect flight services into a single-source solution for best-in-class

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