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Database and Software Updates: Flight Deck Content



Airbus EFB Class2 Drivers  
Download EFB drivers for the Airbus A320/A350 aircraft.

810-0367-001 | Release Notes


Available as a download from our worldwide FMS database services site, the updates are conveniently available prior to effective date, allowing you flexibility for data loading.

Universal (Datalink) Database - Name Change
(Updated 10/18/2011 12:19:00 PM)
The IFIS Universal Graphical Weather (GWx) overlay name has been changed to IFIS Datalink (DL) GWx. This change is in accordance with our product alignment naming standards. Please note that this is a "name change" only and does not affect the data in any way. There is no need to reload your weather overlay. The next time you go to your web download account, you will see the renamed database (IFIS DL GWx Release 08 Eff to: 31 May 12) has been added to your account. The next release of this database (Release 09) will be made available in the Spring of 2012.

FAA Type 2 Letter of Acceptance - Obstacles & Runways
(Updated 7/18/2011 8:05:30 AM)
Effective June 8, 2011, Rockwell Collins is proud to announce the AC20-153A certification of the Fusion Obstacle and Airport Runways databases. To view these LOAs please follow this link: Type 2 Letter of Acceptance (Obstacles) and Type 2 Letter of Acceptance (Runways).

FAA Type 2 Letter of Acceptance - Navigation Databases
(Updated 7/18/2011 8:05:30 AM)
On May 19, 2011, the FAA issued a Type 2 LOA for navigation databases to include RCI CCM-5110 Type 31 database. This certification complies with AC20-153A and RTCA/DO-200A processing of navigation data. For a complete view of the the Type 2 Letter of Acceptance follow this link: FAA Type 2 Letter of Acceptance (Nav Databases).

List of Applicable FMC Part Numbers
(Updated 7/18/2011 8:05:30 AM)
The FAA has determined that Rockwell Collins, Inc. has established compatibility with the Flight Management Computers (FMC, CDU-7000 or CCM-5110) identified in the List of Applicable FMC Part Numbers, dated February 10, 2011 or later FAA approved revisions. To view a complete list of part numbers and their compatibility please follow this link: List of Applicable FMC Part Numbers.

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