In-flight Entertainment Systems

Engage. Connect. Entertain.

Choose any product or combination in the PAVES™ in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) portfolio and you can count on its seamless operation and reliability. Rockwell Collins has some of the highest reliability stats in the industry – from the cockpit through the cabin and beyond. We develop, manage, service and integrate every component that goes into your IFEC system. And as cabin technologies advance, your PAVES system is designed for quick and easy updates and upgrades that enable you to manage content, cabin inventories, flight data, aircraft data and so much more.


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PAVES Wireless

PAVES Wireless is a cost-effective IFEC solution that provides a large range of content to passengers delivered to their own personal devices.  Our scalable system can be easily upgraded to include connectivity providing passengers with even more entertainment choices including Internet, shopping and more. 

  • Low-cost IFE alternative to embedded systems
  • Streams up to 300 devices simultaneously
  • High-definition AVOD on personal devices
  • Works with multiple operating systems
  • Interactive services and apps with in-the-air content updates
  • Cabin and passenger data management
  • Payment portal
  • Connectivity option supports all current IP satellite data links
  • Off-aircraft connectivity
  • Airbus and Boeing linefit offerable

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PAVES On-demand

PAVES On Demand is a full in-seat AVOD entertainment system featuring a seat centric architecture. The PAVES architecture leverages extensive IFE technology experience to increase system reliability by reducing single point of failure. Content loading is quick with minimal touch labor. 

  • Seat-centric, embedded IFE architecture to ensure maximum availability
  • Multipurpose media player unit
  • High-definition AVOD
  • Multiple display sizes
  • USB interface for personal device charging
  • Quick disconnect allows replacement during fast turnarounds at gate

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PAVES Broadcast

PAVES Broadcast system leverages our innovative design to deliver a comprehensive scale across unlimited system configurations, as well as applications and content, our Content Management System and content storage capacity. 

  • Entertainment control panel
  • High-definition media server
  • 12 “ HD Retract Display

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PAVES Passenger Services System (PSS)

Replace aging IFE systems with a PSS stand-alone system configuration that provides required reading and call light functionality.
  • Reduce weight by as much as 50 percent
  • Lower fuel consumption  
  • USB charging port at 2.1 amps
  • Audio channel indicator, channel selector and volume control
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • USB PED Power Only option

Value Added Applications and Services

Airshow® moving maps

Captivate your passengers with high-definition, interactive maps that let them follow their flights in real time, explore the virtual globe and make time fly.

  • Presents real-time, 3D map views with up to 26 flight data parameters
  • Dynamic scripting changes automatically with each flight phase
  • Personalize your brand identity throughout the user interface
  • Incorporates promotional videos, custom safety briefings and passenger greetings

More about Airshow moving maps

Content Management System (CMS) 

Rockwell Collins’ Content Management System (CMS) is powerful, flexible, cloud based and designed to support airlines’ content needs today and tomorrow. With an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface, the CMS supports a wide range of content types, including movies, TV shows, music, apps, products and even custom content types. Ready-made workflows support the processing of each content type, from input sources and editing metadata to publishing content to the fleet. Airlines can curate their content and customize their interface according to selected aircraft fleet, specific routes, destinations and more.